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What is a living campaign setting?

A living campaign setting is much like any other campaign setting except it provides an on-going and ever evolving multi-level storyline. The concept is that, over time, the setting will amass a level of complexity and detail that cannot be matched by a traditional campaign setting. And, best of all: it’s free to use.

What is platform neutral?

This means that the setting isn’t designed for a specific role-playing game platform. Instead the information is provided as a general guideline for game masters to run their own game sessions and campaigns based in the mechanics of whichever platform they see fit. If you don’t use a specific role playing game system that’s no problem. Mythic Design will soon be releasing a custom rule system tailored specifically for use with the Xionfall living campaign setting.

Why Obsidian Portal?

Well, beside the fact that the Mythic Design team thinks this is a great service for all players and game masters, it is also the perfect tool to use for an ongoing living campaign setting.

The content of Xionfall, the living campaign setting, is © 2009 Mythic Design, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce material for personal use only. Permission is also granted to use and reproduce these contents for your own personal campaign here at Obsidian Portal.


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